Mulch/Rock/Soil Amendments




* NOTE, the dyed black, brown and red mulch need at least 24 hours, once spread before any rain otherwise there's a risk of color runoff. 




Brown Hardwood:

$14.95 Per Scoop




Black Hardwood:

$14.95 Per Scoop





Red Hardwood:

$15.95 Per Scoop




Natural Hardwood:

$10.95 Per Scoop




Cypress Hardwood:

$16.95 Per Scoop





Crusher Run: 

$24.50 Per Scoop





#57 Gravel:

$24.50 Per Scoop





Pea Gravel:

$47.00 Per Scoop






River Rock #4


$54.75 Per Scoop






River Rock #4


$54.75 Per Scoop





River Rock 2x5:

$69.95 Per Scoop




Crimson Stone:

$51.75 Per Scoop





White Sand:

$26.00 Per Scoop




River Sand:

$21.50 Per Scoop



Organic Erth Food Compost

$24.95 Per Scoop






Top Soil:

$19.75 Per Scoop





Fill Dirt:

$11.95Per Scoop

*Upon special request can order playground mulch or other bulk material not carried regularly if 10 yards or more is needed. Please give us a few days' notice to make arrangements. 



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